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Cigarette prices are increasing annually and the economy is not doing too well. Our top-quality automatic cigarette maker will save your money, Guaranteed! You can effortlessly roll your personal fresh, natural tobacco, at small fraction of the cost with this new automatic cigarette maker. Automatic cigarette maker requires less time and definitely less cash to get a new pack in your pocket.

An automatic cigarette maker is a device which is made to roll both tobacco or medical marijuana into individual cigarettes or joints. Our Top automatic cigarette makers are extremely simple to use, and it can make excellent cigarettes for you. The nice thing about automatic cigarette maker is that every cigarette is uniform, its not necessary fuss and mess with the tobacco to produce a great cigarette. The rolling cigarette machine is safe, efficient and creates consistently very good cigarettes.

We are currently offering 2 Top Automatic Cigarette Makers

Red Injector Cigarette Roller

  • Electrig cigarette injector machine
  • Runs on standard 110V AC
  • 5 Speeds 5 speeds for choosing tobacco density
  • A removable tray for the tobacco
  • A knob which adjusts the speed of the motor
  • Uses standard 8mm cigarette tubes
  • Sturdy and compact
  • $69.95 Plus Shipping

Commercial Duke Cigarette Roller

  • Electrig cigarette rolling machine
  • Heavy duty cigarette roller
  • Standard 110V plug in
  • 5 Speeds tobacco machine which determine the density of the tobacco
  • The machine has removable tobacco tray, easy to empty and clean
  • See through lid for the tobacco chamber;
  • Uses standard 8mm cigarette tubes;
  • $89.95 Plus Shipping

Commercial Replacement Springs

If you are interested in ordering your Replacement Springs for the Commercial Cigarette Rolling Machine today, simply place an order using our online Checkout Page. Sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive straight to your door! Profiting from the Replacement Springs for the Commercial Cigarette Rolling Machine could not be easier.These springs are compatible with the Green Commercial Duke Unit.

$6.95 Plus Shipping for 3x Springs

The Duke cigarette rolling machine is electrical and can make around 20 cigarettes in two minutes. That’s 20 minutes for 1 carton!

The Duke electric cigarette rolling machine is your alternative to expensive and toxic cigarettes found on the market. You can roll your own cigarettes and eliminate the unknown chemicals that tobacco companies put in their cigarettes.

If a pack o regular cigarettes it cost somewhere between $6-$8, with The Duke cigarette rolling machine a pack will typically cost you around $1 or less depending on what kind of premium tobacco you use.Spend less money and eliminate all the unknown chemicals that tobacco companies put in the regular cigarettes with the duke cigarette rolling machine.Save a lot of money and make better cigarette using premium tobaccos with this electric cigarette rolling machine

When using The Duke electric cigarette rolling machine make sure your tobacco is not humid so you will not damage or clog up your cigarette machine. Never overfill the electric cigarette machine and seek to fill it uniformly. See this user instruction video to find out how to use this electric cigarette rolling machine. The most important aspects before using the cigarette injector machine is to have grinded and dry premium tobacco.

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